Digitalis Purpurea

by George Dimitriadis

  • Digitalis Purpurea

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From the Publisher:

Digitalis Purpurea: A Pure Pharmacography

This work on Digitalis, is the first monograph published as part of our ongoing project, to revise and revive the Materia Medica of Samuel Hahnemann. Our conclusion, after careful study of this drug, is that an in-depth understanding of its primary action is vital in order to apply it clinically.

We have chosen to present the symptoms in a new and clearer format, which we feel better highlights the characteristics of this medicine, without altering the original intention or meaning.

The lineage of each individual symptom is traced following its path from proving or toxicology through each of Hahnemann's various works, giving the reader unprecedented insight into the process used by Hahnemann to generate his materia medica.

Full accounts of the Old School Sources have been included and where necessary translated into English, adding an historical perspective as well as the opportunity for a more in-depth study and as a result, a deeper knowledge of the scope of this medicine.