About the Homeopathic Book Company

At the Homeopathic Book Company we are dedicated to making sure that you find the right book each and every time you shop with us, whether you are an experienced homeopath, a student or simply someone with a keen interest in alternative medicine. We provide as much information online as possible to help you make an informed choice and we are also available on the telephone to discuss the suitability of a book, additional reading or answer any other questions you may have. Our telephone number is +44(0)1476-550754 or you can email us at contact@homeopathicbooks.com.

We started the company back in 2001 in response to a need for books at the homeopathic college where the owner Pat was studying. Back then fellow students were finding it hard to source books quickly that they needed to complete their homework and projects on time. When the company was established we therefore decided that our mission was to have a very high ratio of stock available and to dispatch orders immediately. We have done this for the past sixteen years and we find that this level of service is even more important today because customers still need and expect delivery quickly.