Martine Mercy

Martine Mercy - 1953 to 2023

Martine was born in a suburb of Paris in the spring of 1953 and at nineteen, she moved to England to study chiropractic at the Anglo European Chiropractic College in Bournemouth.

After graduating from the college as a chiropractor (Dr Martine Dirlik) in 1976, she ran a busy practice from her own surgery in Christchurch until 2001.

As she always took a keen interest in Homoeopathy, Martine decided to study whilst running her chiropractic surgery and she graduated from the Regent’s Park Homoeopathic College in London and practised Homoeopathy for 27 years from 1993 until end 2020. During this time she presented at many professional seminars and workshops in the UK.

Martine retired from practising homoeopathy, and chose then to pass on her knowledge to both students and colleagues by writing books on new homoeopathic remedies. She also developed an interest in art and cinema from the Belle Époque in France. Her great grand father Vincent Lorant Heilbronn, born in 1874, was a French artist, painter, decorator, poster artist and film director who worked with Pathé. Looking into family history, she felt his life and his work should be brought to light and she decided to write his biography.

Martine's aim in life was to balance her own love of painting with continued research into new remedies made from fossils, and she produced four beautiful books which contain in depth information regarding the remedies she discovered in her local environment.