The Proving of Coco Nucifera and Titanium

by Martine Mercy

  • The Proving of Coco Nucifera and Titanium
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‘Martine was inspired to prove Coco Nucifera in1993 after she started using a bottle of coconut oil instead of the usual oil in her chiropractic clinic. When she began to develop some strange symptoms that disappeared when she went on holiday, she realised that she was proving coconut oil. She spent the next 10 years gathering information from over 100 cases, and found it difficult to let the book go to the publisher, as she still wanted to discover more.

The book is set out in 7 chapters that include An Overview, Signature, The Essence of Coconut Oil, Physical Symptoms of Coconut Nucifera, Related Remedies and, a Conclusion. It is clear and easy to read and is a ‘must’ for all who work with Coconut whether as a chiropractor or homoeopath’.

  • Author: Martine Mercy
  • ISBN: 9780954691806
  • 100 pages
  • Paperback
  • Published in 2004
  • Printed in United Kingdom