by Richard Pitt

  • Tobacco

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Tobacco - An Exploration of Its Nature Through the Prism of Homeopathy

Tobacco is now one of the most vilified substances in modern society. However, it has played a unique role in the evolution of many cultures, weaving its way into their mythology and reflecting the consciousness of these societies. Like other substances that are poisonous, tobacco has many healing properties. This book explores the history and use of tobacco and its therapeutic potential as a homeopathic remedy. It attempts to explore the complex relationship between tobacco and humans and the symbiosis that results.

This book uses the basis of a homeopathic proving to explore tobacco from a historical, cultural and social point of view. It looks at the relationship between the plant and its human connection and seeks to reveal the subtlety and depth of homeopathic proving methodology. It attempts to make the process of a homeopathic proving accessible to those outside of homeopathy who would be fascinated by the uniqueness of this essential part of homeopathic exploration. It further seeks to be a good example of a proving study for students of homeopathy as they come to terms with the significance of provings in homeopathic medicine.

"This is a homeopathic proving that does what provings should do: it explores the nature of the proving substance in order to substantiate and amplify the information brought up by the proving. Breathing new life into the somewhat expired traditional picture of Nicotiana tabacum, the proving of Nicotiana is inspiring and animating."  - Frans Vermeulen, Author of Concordant Materia Medica and other homeopathic books.

  • Author: Richard Pitt
  • ISBN: 9780976091806
  • 208 pages
  • Paperback
  • Published in 2006
  • Printed in United States