The Natural Medicine Guide for Travel and Home

by Richard Pitt

  • The Natural Medicine Guide for Travel and Home

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The Natural Medicine Guide for Travel and Home gives important information on how to use homeopathic and herbal medicines. It prepares you for all forms of travel, with facts and treatment for many conditions, as well as precautionary measures. It gives information on remedies for both simple and complex conditions, from injuries to jet lag, diarrhoea to dehydration, typhoid to bites, burns to poison ivy, miscarriage to appendicitis, diaper rash to shingles, and much more, including tropical diseases.

It is unique in that it gives a comprehensive coverage of both regular travel issues as well as more exotic and tropical health challenges when traveling. It gives a detailed breakdown of the risks of different types of travel and explores both conventional and alternative forms of prevention, looking at major travel vaccines used and their alternatives.

It is also an excellent overall introduction to homeopathy, suitable for students and the general public who want to have one book that covers nearly all health contingencies in daily life. It both educates and informs on how any person can embrace the benefits of homeopathy and herbal medicine in a precise and accessible way.

  • Author: Richard Pitt
  • ISBN: 9789490453084
  • 282 pages
  • Edition: First
  • Paperback
  • Published in 2013
  • Printed in United States