Synoptic Materia Medica 2: The Complement to Prisma

by Frans Vermeulen

  • Synoptic Materia Medica 2: The Complement to Prisma
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Synoptic 2 was originally written as a sequel to Synoptic 1. It is a materia medica of what in 1996, were classed as small remedies. Ten years on, when homeopaths are more used to working with families of remedies, and are therefore as comfortable with the unusual as the polychrest, this book can be seen as the progressive book it has always been. It was a forerunner to The Prisma. In 1998 the second edition updated the first, providing some corrections and more information.

Frans Vermeulen, now well known and respected as one of the finest living authorities on homeopathic materia medica, brought together in Synoptic 2, an extremely useful amount of previously inaccessible information on the small remedies from modern and ancient sources and many languages.

Drug pictures are unique to homeopathy. At least this is how it would seem. Nature is full of phenomena. They are mentioned in chemistry, metallurgy, botany and biology. Imagery is a typical way for man to relate to his surroundings and to nature. Fairytales, legend and myth are living proof of this. Animals, plants and matter express themselves through observable occurrences. This is also the case in homoeopathic provings.
The blueprint of the animal, plant or mineral expressed itself through man. Often it is found to be a passing occurrence, but sometimes it was there from birth.
An insight into the substances used in homeopathy can be gained practically anywhere.

The Section SIGNS, gives you the background information about the raw material of the remedy. Nomenclature, mythology, astrology and folklore, but also chemistry, metallurgy, mineralogy, biology and botany play their part. The text is a bit signature-like here and there, but I have tried not to jump to conclusions. At times the temptation was too great not to make associations. For the rest I have left it up to the reader where they want to make the connection between natural phenomenon and the picture that appears of the remedy. As far as it could be traced, I added the name of the person who undertook the proving, the number of people taking part, and the date. - Frans Vermeulen

Index of remedies
Botanical Relationships
Food and Drink desires , aversions, ameliorations and aggravations.

Remedies A-Z, laid out as follows:

  • Signs nomenclature, biology, botany, metallurgy, chemistry, astrology, folklore, signature.
  • Comparisons to enable differential diagnosis with other remedies
  • Region the affinity of the remedy to particular physicals or systems.
  • Leading Symptoms: the most outstanding symptoms of the remedy, divided into Mentals, Generals and Particulars. A heading of Peculiars denotes symptoms that are just that! Modalities are inserted as they apply to each rubric.
  • Rubrics. These are re-written in fluent English, with the leading word in italics.
  • Food - desires, aversion, worse, better.
  • Notes space for your own observations and additions.
  • Author: Frans Vermeulen
  • ISBN: 9789076189116
  • 1019 pages
  • Hardback
  • Published in 2003
  • Printed in The Netherlands