Sensations "As If"

by Herbert Alfred Roberts

  • Sensations "As If"
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One of Homeopathy's crowing achievements is the use of 'patient's own expressions for the selection of an accurate similimum. Subjective Symptoms, as these are called, have been found to be extremely valuable in clinical practice. Although these symptoms were found scattered in 'homeopathic repertories,' there was hardly any authoritative work on them till the publication of this one. For this work Roberts drew information from an interleaved copy of Holcomb's work that was compiled by Dr. W.A. Yingling, as well as from the work of Hering, Clarke and Allen. Our special new edition has been upgraded in the following ways.

  • Abbreviations and names of drugs have been standardized according to Synthesis is the whole text.
  • Improved and more readable font has been introduced with increased font size.
  • The size of the print area has been increased from 6x3 inches to 7x4 inches. We hope the above changes will make this monumental work even more useful.
  • Author: Herbert Alfred Roberts
  • ISBN: 9788131900086
  • 519 pages
  • Paperback
  • Printed in India (so could be of inferior quality)