by Robin Murphy

  • MetaRepertory
  1. Arriving Feb 2022 - Available to Order


The New 4th Edition of Murphy's Repertory.

Book: 3 Sections, (Mind, Body, Clinical) and 49 Chapters, 2,630 pages

New Design, Rubrics, Additions and Updates!

1. Redesigned Book: The MetaRepertory was designed to be a complete rewrite and major upgrade of the Homeopathic Clinical Repertory (which was the third edition of Murphy's repertory). The new MetaRepertory contains 49 chapters arranged in three sections, Mind, Body and Clinical. The 49 chapters were created from the 74 chapters of the third edition.

2. New Rubric Additions and Updates: The new MetaRepertory has been updated to be a more clinical, practical and easy-to-use reference guide to the vast homeopathic materia medica. The MetaRepertory contains thousands of new rubrics, additions and updates from modern and historical sources.

3. MetaWord Index: Located at the back of the MetaRepertory, the Word index is greatly expanded to include many more clinical conditions and states.

4. MetaRemedy List: This expanded list includes the remedy abbreviations used in the MetaRepertory and the latin and common names for many homeopathic and herbal remedies.

  • Author: Robin Murphy
  • ISBN: 9789076189574
  • 2630 pages
  • Edition: Fourth
  • Hardback
  • Published in 2020
  • Printed in United States