Homeopathy for Radioactivity: Holistic Prophylaxis and Treatment of Radiation Damage

by Rosina Sonnenschmidt

  • Homeopathy for Radioactivity: Holistic Prophylaxis and Treatment of Radiation Damage

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How do we deal with something that does not have a smell, cannot be seen, cannot be heard and drifts "soft-footed" on the winds around the globe, leaving a deadly trail? We human beings have created nuclear power and must now deal with its consequences. In her latest work, Rosina Sonnenschmidt descibes the prophylaxis and therapy of radiation damage with homeopathy, Schuessler Salts and naturopathy. She draws from her extensive experience with the treatment of radiation damage after radiation therapy, as well as the treatment of Japanese patients. The well-known German author explains which homeopathic remedies are indicated for the apprehensions and fears of radioactive contamination. Furthermore, she describes the effects of radioactivity on the body and which organs are especially sensitive to radiation. For the homeopathic treatment of radiation injuries, she also presents a detailed portrayal of six cardinal remedies that include Caesium and X-Ray and some rather unusual medicines such as Cisplatinum, Benzinum and Kresolum. Sonnenschmidt presents proven courses of therapy with the Plussing Method, which has been especially effective for the effects of radiation, on the basis of her experience as a homeopath. She dedicates another chapter to the Schuessler Salts and their potential against radiation damage. Naturopathic measures such as nutrition with raw juices and fruits rich in enzymes, rizoles and intestinal restoration are also extremely effective in cases of radiation exposure. they are described in practical terms and the work is rounded off with simple breathing exercises. A level-headed book that consciously dispenses with fear-mongering or fatalism, Homeopathy for Radioactivity depicts the entire spectrum of possibilities in a concentrated manner. Sonnenschmidt's highly topical work offers much encouragment to its readers.