Homeopathy for Radioactivity: Holistic Prophylaxis and Treatment of Radiation Damage

by Rosina Sonnenschmidt

  • Homeopathy for Radioactivity: Holistic Prophylaxis and Treatment of Radiation Damage

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How do we deal with something which cant be smelt, seen or heard, which drifts silently around the globe on the wind and which leaves dangerous traces in its wake? We humans created atomic power and now have to cope with the consequences.

In her latest work, the well-known author Rosina Sonnenschmidt describes the prevention and treatment of radiation damage with homeopathy, biochemical tissue salts and naturopathy. She draws on her far-reaching experience in treating radiation damage after radiotherapy and in dealing with Japanese patients.

Sonnenschmidt explains which homeopathic remedies are indicated for anxiety and fear of radiation. She describes how radioactivity affects the body and which organs are particularly sensitive to radiation. She also gives detailed descriptions of the six cardinal remedies for treatment radiation damage, such as Caesium and X-ray, along with other more unusual remedies such as Cisplatinum, Benzinum and Kresolum. She also mentions her experience of successful treatment using the plussing method. Another chapter is devoted to biochemical tissue salts and their potential when treating radiation damage.
Naturopathic measures such as diets incorporating raw juices and enzyme-rich fruits, castor oil and colon cleansing can be extremely effective in treating radiation damage, and the author gives practical descriptions of these. The book is rounded off by easy breathing exercises.

This book on the radioactive contamination currently prevailing in Japan is dedicated to those people who sacrificed their lives to do essential work in the reactors and to the many therapists in the contaminated areas who put their lives at risk to help others. These include not only the unnamed helpers currently working in Japan, but also those who once worked in Tschernobyl (Russia). May we finally replace the nuclear industry's term residual risk with THE risk pure and simple, as we are behaving like Goethes Sorcerers Apprentice who called on the spirits but did not know how to tame and control them.

  • Author: Rosina Sonnenschmidt
  • ISBN: 9783941706729
  • 96 pages
  • Hardback
  • Published in 2010
  • Printed in Germany