Herbal Wellness Guide

by Robin Murphy

  • Herbal Wellness Guide

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Herbal Remedies from Around the World

Introduction to Herbal tonics and their traditional and modern uses.

1. Herbal Tonics A-Z, (Materia Medica) Over 125 remedies are reviewed with recipes.

2. Therapeutic Index A-Z, (Repertory) A Guide the therapeutic uses to herbal tonics for health, diseases and longevity.

"The Top 142 Herbal tonics, Spices, Oils, and Minerals"
Adaptogen tonics, Energy tonics, Liver tonics,
Brain tonics, Heart tonics, Longevity tonics,
Bowel tonics, Hormonal tonics, Lung tonics,
Beauty tonics, Immune tonics, Sports tonics,
Detox tonics, Kidney tonics, Weight Loss tonics.

Super Herbs and Spices

Albizia. Aloe arborescens. Aloe vera. Anise. Arnica. Ashwagandha. Astragalus. Bacopa. Basil. Black cohosh.. Black pepper. Blue Lotus. Calendula. Cardamom. Cat’s claw. Catuaba bark. Cayenne pepper. Chicory root. Cilantro. Cinnamon. Cloves. Coriander. Dandelion. Don Quai. Dragon’s blood. Echinacea. Fennel. Fenugreek. Fo-ti. Garlic. Ginger. Ginseng. Gingko. Gotu kola. Graviola. Green coffee. Green tea. Gynostemma. Hibisicus. Holy basil. Horseradish. Jasmine. Kava kava. Kudzu. Lemongrass. Matcha. Milk thistle. Muira Puama. Mustard. Nettles. Oatstraw. Olive leaf. Osha. Passion flower. Pau D’arco. Pippali. Rhodiola. Saffron. Sage. Siberian ginseng. Star anise. Suma root. St. John’s wort. Tarragon. Thyme. Tongkat ali. Turmeric. Vanilla. Yarrow. Yerba Mate. Yellow dock. Wasabi. Wild Lettuce.

Super Healing Oils

Almond oil. Argan oil. Basil oil. Black castor oil. Borage oil. Castor oil. Coconut oil. Eucalyptus oil. Evening primrose oil. Flaxseed oil. Frankincense. Grapeseed oil. Hemp oil. Jojoba oil. Lavender oil. Moringa oil. Myrrh oil. Neem oil. Olive oil. Orange oil. Oregano oil. Peppermint oil. Pumpkin seed oil. Rose oil. Rosemaryoil. Sandalwood oil. Sesame oil. Tamanau oil. Tea Tree oil.

Super Minerals & Mushrooms

Agaricus. Baking soda. Bamboo charcoal. Bentonite. Chaga. Charcoal. Cordyceps. Diatomaceous earth. Epsom salts. Fulvic acid. Himalayan sea salt. Hydrogen Peroxide. Indiumsulphate. Lion’s mane. Magnesium oil. Maitake. MSM. Reishi. Shiitake. Shilajit. Zeolites.

  • Author: Robin Murphy
  • ISBN: 9781936439430
  • 512 pages
  • Paperback
  • Published in 2014
  • Printed in United States