Fossil Remedies: How to Regain Your Radiance

by Martine Mercy

  • Fossil Remedies: How to Regain Your Radiance
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The research on fossils continues to evolve. New remedies are now available from Ainsworths Pharmacy in London. The 12 Stage Fossil Classification Table has now been expanded to reflect these new additions which will help patients who have lost their ‘radiance.

This is a beautifully illustrated A3-size book and is the third book on fossil remedies published by Martin Mercy, informing us about her latest 12 fossil remedies as follows: Graptolites, Aetobatus, Cleoniceras besairei ammonite, Oliva sayana, Nostoceras, Fusinus, Heliophyllum horn coral, Rastellum, Clypeasteroidea, Gryphae, Cirripedia, Pecten texanus/Pecten latissimus

Martin Mercy uses water colour paintings (the author is an artist/painter herself) for provings as well as Hahnemannian provings and clinical experience data to give a deeper insight into each remedy.

The book comes with a chart classifying all 46 fossil remedies (with pictures) into 12 ‘properties.’

Radiant information indeed!

  • Author: Martine Mercy
  • ISBN: 9781906631901
  • 148 pages
  • Hardback
  • Printed in United Kingdom