Enlarged Tonsils Cured by Homoeopathy

by James Compton Burnett

  • Enlarged Tonsils Cured by Homoeopathy

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A useful treatise on the homeopathic treatment of enlarged tonsils, this book serves to develop the right concepts and approach. Pocket sized and really simple to comprehend, the entire account is both thought provoking and analytical. A useful commentary on the homeopathic management of enlarged tonsils supplemented by case records and quotes from eminent homeopaths.

A busy homeopath is approached everyday by anxious parents, who have been advised by their doctors to have the tonsils of their children operated on at the earliest. Even doctor parents are no exception to this rule. This means an average human being still prefers their children to get well without restoring to surgery. Homeopaths treat on constitutional lines and this is the answer to this vexed question whether to have or not to have an operation. This will not only cure the tonsils but will help the small patients to get well on the whole i.e. they will get rid of their frequent colds, coughs, sneezing, difficult breathing and innumerable other complaints which are attributed to tonsils and adenoids.

  • Author: James Compton Burnett
  • ISBN: 9788131907627
  • 100 pages
  • Paperback
  • Printed in India (so could be of inferior quality)