Diseases of the Skin

by James Compton Burnett

  • Diseases of the Skin
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A must read for all those who want to learn about the practical application of homeopathy in skin diseases.

The book speaks highly on the constitutional approach to the treatment of skin diseases as these are, like any other disease, a manifestation of the dynamically deranged life principles and not local conditions which can be excised or cured by topical applications as is the trend in medicine The book has been divided into three separate sections for the convenience of reading – the first part dealing with the effect of suppression in skin disease, the second part containing case records with dosage and follow up and the third part is a discussion of the constitutional cure of alopecia areata with case records to guide through its management.

  • Author: James Compton Burnett
  • ISBN: 9788131900420
  • 270 pages
  • Paperback
  • Printed in India (so could be of inferior quality)