Curability of Cataract with Medicines

by James Compton Burnett

  • Curability of Cataract with Medicines
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It's Nature, Causes, Prevention and Treatment

Cataract is an opacity that develops in the crystalline lens of the eye or in Its envelope. The most effective and common treatment thought is surgical removal of the cloudy lens. This is because it never occurred to the surgeons that cataract can be cured with medicines.

The author in a critical manner mentions that surgeon's fingers itch too much for the knife, so he does not have the requisite patience in order to give medicines a full and fair trial.

The subject of the medicinal treatment of cataract has occupied author's mind at odd intervals for several years. Dr Burnett has written this small volume only when he was satisfied with the curability of cataract with medicines through his vast clinical experience and consequently laid an array of results which were likely to convince the ophthalmic surgeon.

This book covers all the aspects of cataract, is a boon in hands of homeopaths to learn from master to treat our cases judiciously before sending them for surgical procedures.

  • Author: James Compton Burnett
  • ISBN: 9788131903056
  • 116 pages
  • Paperback
  • Printed in India (so could be of inferior quality)