Compendium of Human Diseases and Their Cure by Homeopathic Treatment

by Shaik Rahmathullah

  • Compendium of Human Diseases and Their Cure by Homeopathic Treatment
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A modern book of homoeopathic therapeutics with concise description of the diseases. At the beginning of the book, there is a table of contents to help locate the organ and its diseases. There is also a word index at the end of the book to help locate an organ or condition (word in bold type) or a disease (word in ordinary type).

Most of the human diseases, well over 700 of them, from the very traditional to the modern-day ones are dealt with in this book. The chapters are entitled after an organ, group of organs, or pathological conditions. Separate chapters are allocated to emergency, toxicity, and food and nutrition. All cancers and cancerous conditions are grouped in one chapter for easy reference. The chapters, the diseases and the remedies are all arranged in alphabetical order in a layered form. In each chapter, the diseases relevant to the organ(s) are concisely described with aetiology, clinical features, prevalence and prognosis. Under each disease, the indicated remedies are detailed with just relevant symptoms and modalities - other symptoms, such as general, mental and emotional only appear if they are concomitant of the condition. In the symptom pictures of the remedies, am - pm modes are adopted for time, and symbols < and > are used to mean aggravation (or worse) and amelioration (or better) respectively.

  • Author: Shaik Rahmathullah
  • ISBN: 9780953076512
  • 1532 pages
  • Hardback
  • Printed in United Kingdom