Your Inner Child is Crying Out!

by Torako Yui

  • Your Inner Child is Crying Out!

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Healing the Unloved and Wounded Child by Homoeopathy

Torako Yui's Homoeopathic Life Series Volume 3

The secret to being loved is to love yourself and others. The third instalment of Torako Yui's 'The Homoeopathic Life' series gives hints on how an infant demanding 100% love can develop into a 100% self-loving adult and is an invaluable text for those seeking to open up their heart chakra and be loved for who they are. A Materia Medica and description of gem remedies is also included. An excerpt reads It would make me happy if this book led even a single reader to adopt a homoeopathic lifestyle. Loving others is what is truly important in life . It is recommended that it be read as a companion to 'Love! Devote your life to loving others!' in order to provide a deeper understanding of the relationship between love and the inner child.

  • Author: Torako Yui
  • ISBN: 9784863470071
  • 262 pages
  • Paperback
  • Published in 2009
  • Printed in Japan