Wondrous Order

by Michal Yakir

  • Wondrous Order
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Dr Yakir’s labour of love, first conceived two decades ago, is a synthesis drawn from the passions and experience of a lifetime as botanist, gardener, homeopath, researcher and educator.

It is one of the most beautifully designed books ever in homeopathic literature – 848 pages with full colour plant photos in solid hard cover. Michal Yakir, in this pioneering work, has developed a revolutionary system with which to organise the plant kingdom, in the form of a simple tabular set of coordinates: each row and column can be assigned to different types of patients with varying psychological traits and physical pathologies, thus enabling the prediction of common characteristics for plant families and their members.

The Table of Plants tells the story of parallel journeys: the evolution of plant groups (based on Cronquist’s system), matching the features of plants as remedies, alongside the development of the individual, humankind and the cosmos itself, including interplay between feminine and masculine archetypes. With insights from psychology, philosophy and Kabbala, all these evolutionary processes link seamlessly with the Materia Medica. Comprehensive and easy to use, it offers vivid, recognisable portraits of both familiar and relatively unused plant remedies.

Richly illustrated throughout, this volume begins with a summary of relevant botanical and homeopathic perspectives, followed by an in-depth exploration of the table’s six (potentially seven) columns and nine rows, with traits for orders and families. Finally there are condensed essences and cases for over six hundred and fifty of two groups of the flowering plants (Dicots and Monocots), many newly-proved, always highlighting links to the themes of the Table – a wondrous order indeed.

Full of flair and packed with invaluable pointers and fascinating snippets, this is a book for all homeopaths to treasure.

"I have had an opportunity to learn from Michal Yakir her novel approach to plants from a development point of view. It makes a lot of sense to me and has changed my outlook towards plants. She has made the plant kingdom very understandable by her simple yet deep insights based on the concept of plant evolution. I am using her ideas in my practice with excellent results.

This is indeed a fascinating and very practical work. It gives an additional dimension to our understanding of known plants and also helps us prescribe as yet unknown remedies with confidence, complementing all that we know about plants from other teachers like Sankaran and Scholten. I would recommend every serious homeopath to study it, as it will prove to be a really useful tool enabling us to help our patients.”
- Dr Mahesh Gandhi, psychiatrist and homeopath

“A truly marvellous treasure trove of information on more than 650 plant remedies, classified according to the Cronquist system, with 848 pages featuring superb colour photos of virtually every plant, carefully illustrated too … The more often you use the book, the more clearly you realise the decades of research that has gone into it. This book will be a major reference work in homeopathy for at least the next decade, firstly due to the rich content but also because the book does justice to the rich quality of the plants themselves. It’s simply beautiful – the photos, the research, the depth of the descriptions. Thank you, Michal Yakir!”
- Sigrid Lindemann, August 2017

  • Author: Michal Yakir
  • ISBN: 9783955821098
  • 848 pages
  • Edition: First
  • Hardback
  • Published in 2018
  • Printed in Germany