Vaccines Autism And Childhood Disorders

by Neil Miller

  • Vaccines Autism And Childhood Disorders

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Autism is a complex disability resulting in brain damage, immune dysfunction, self-destructive behaviour patterns, and un-responsiveness to other people. It often strikes following an early childhood of normal development. Many parents believe that childhood vaccines, especially MMR, are responsible.

Some studies confirm that vaccines may cause autism in certain predisposed children. Health authorities, however, deny that autism is linked to vaccines. Some studies support their position. Congress recently held several hearings to investigate the causes of, and cures for, this growing epidemic. The testimony hints at a medical coverup. This book chronicles Congressional efforts to expose the truth, summarizes vaccine studies on both sides of the debate, and provides parents with crucial data to make informed decisions.

  • Author: Neil Miller
  • ISBN: 9781881217329
  • 127 pages
  • Paperback
  • Printed in United States