Vaccine Damaged Children (Revised Edition)

by Isaac Golden

  • Vaccine Damaged Children (Revised Edition)

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Dr Isaac Golden has been working with homoeoprophylaxis or homeopathic immunisation since 1985. As a result he receives many referrals to treat children and adults suspected of being vaccine damaged.

This book gives an insight into this work through case studies, as well as statistical analyses of the data collected from these case studies.

It is a book to give parents of vaccine damaged children hope they can see the journey of other parents and how many times the appropriate identification of the true cause of their child's chronic health problems, and the needed treatment, can change all their lives for the better.

Children are often trapped in a diagnosis they are labelled as autistic, ADHD, developmentally delayed, and so on. Then they are pushed into treatment boxes, special schools, and medication to change presenting symptoms without ever curing the cause.

Too often the labels are simply misleading for example, many children diagnosed as autistic are simply vaccine damaged. When this is recognized, and the cause treated, the symptoms change and the diagnosis is changed.

The extent to which the explosion in chronic disease in all developed countries has been caused by vaccines is unknown. The question is avoided by orthodox scientists, but cannot be ignored by parents of damaged children.

This book aims to shed some light into a dark place, and show that we all have an amazing God-given capacity to heal. All that is needed is that this self healing is given a chance to work.

  • Author: Isaac Golden
  • ISBN: 9780957872660
  • 132 pages
  • Edition: Second
  • Paperback
  • Published in 2010
  • Printed in Australia