Using Miasms in Homoeopathy

by Peter Fraser

  • Using Miasms in Homoeopathy
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"Here is a beautiful book written by an author who lives and breathes the subject - this knowledge permeates the writing making it a useful work-book for the committed student. It provides a cogent summary of the map and how to think in terms of the four elements." - Misha Norland

"Peter has quite brilliantly drawn together the threads of the higher realms of human experience and brought them down to earth to be of immense practical use in our every- day practices." - Janet Snowdon

The Miasms are a concept that has been central to homoeopa­thy since its earliest days and offers a way of analysing the history of the patient and of the patients family. It allows a valuable understanding of the particular nature and character of a case and a way of matching them to the nature of the remedies. It is a practical guide to using Miasms to make it easier to find the indicated remedy.

Using Maps and Systems in Homoeopathy - A series of introductions to the major systems and maps used in homoeopathy, to better understand the various systems, to apply them simply and effectively and to understand what they tell us and what are their limitations. These books are primers and do not require previous familiarity with the systems but they are also useful as a workbook for those who know and use the systems.

  • Author: Peter Fraser
  • ISBN: 9781874581260
  • 53 pages
  • Paperback
  • Published in 2008
  • Printed in United Kingdom