Using Mappa Mundi in Homoeopathy

by Peter Fraser

  • Using Mappa Mundi in Homoeopathy
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There are many systems that are used by homoeopaths to look at their patients and their remedies and so to understand them better. This series of books offers an introduction to some of the most important of them, outlining their origins, development and some of the more significant versions. The books describe the systems and how they can be used to better understand both cases and remedies and so better match them. The approach is versatile and open and allows the reader to adapt the system to their own particular needs and their understanding of homoeopathy.

Mappa Mundi, also known as The Circle is a way of looking at cases that is derived from the classical principles of balance between the humours and between the elements.

  • Author: Peter Fraser
  • ISBN: 9781874581253
  • 54 pages
  • Paperback
  • Printed in United Kingdom