Understanding Classical Homoeopathy

by Heidi Grollmann

  • Understanding Classical Homoeopathy

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Classical Homoeopathy has become an increasingly popular therapy in recent years, its use providing effective treatment of both acute and chronic illness. This book explains the fundamentals of Classical Homoeopathy in a simple and easily understood way. Its aim is to help those already receiving homoeopathic care to understand their treatment better, as well as to be an informative introduction to those who have an interest in the subject, or are looking for a better way to care for their health and the health of their family. This book has become an extraordinary best-seller in the German-speaking world. Homoeopaths across Europe are recommending it to their patients. There are chapters explaining the basis of homoeopathy and its practice, as well as individual chapters on the use of homoeopathy in pregnancy, children, sport, and first-aid, and Frequently Asked Questions. For an even greater understanding of homoeopathy, a list of suggested reading is also provided.

  • Author: Heidi Grollmann
  • ISBN: 9783952100424
  • 93 pages
  • Edition: Fourth
  • Hardback
  • Printed in Switzerland