Twelve Jewels

by Peter Tumminello

  • Twelve Jewels
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This is the work of 10 years on gems, an in depth appraisal of many provings and cases, with a foreword by Scholten and 36 full page colour plates. An artist was commissioned to paint the inner feeling of each of the gems, positive and negative.

The text includes extensive mental, physical and spiritual indications on these gems: Amethyst, Black opal, Diamond, Golden topaz, Emerald, Lapis lazuli, Morion, Pearl, Quartz crystal, Rhodonite, Ruby and Sapphire.

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Foreword from the book by Jan Scholten:
Some four years ago Peter Tumminello told me about his experiences with Diamond and Opal. His enthusiasm about those gems and remedies was very infectious. I encouraged him to write a book about his fabulous stories, which he was already intending. Over the next few years I asked him regularly about his book, and each time his answer was that it was almost ready, but that it was delayed because he had so many new ideas and gems that had to be included. This is typical of Peter's thoroughness; he wants his descriptions to be perfect and his provings to go to the depth and core of the remedy.

Peter's search for the essence of remedies led him into the spiritual realm. His descriptions of remedies have all the usual and common physical and psychological aspects. But they also go further into the spiritual meaning, conveying what the remedy means for the spiritual path of the patient. This is a very valuable extension that makes remedies understood on a deeper level.

His experiences with these remedies have been a long journey. This will be obvious when you read this book. And it has become a real, personal journey. Peter hasn't been afraid to go into the worlds of these gems himself. Due to this, some homeopaths might object that his descriptions aren't objective enough. But that's an old-fashioned way of thinking, not recognizing the idea of the distant and objective observer doesn't exist. Even in physics, the most "objective" science, it has become clear that the observer is part and influences the object. The act of observing becomes part of the object seen. Or said more precisely, the object, subject and observing merge into one thing.

The confusion arises from the words subjective and objective. Subjective has the connotation of being unreal, something the subject puts into the phenomenon. But an observer can be very objective when he's prepared to look at his own problems. Then he can distract his own projections from his-objective- subjective observations. Peter has succeeded in doing that. So his personal journey has been transformed into an objective rapport of these wonderful gems. In this sense one can understand his diversion from the old rules of doing provings. In his provings the provers knew the remedy many times. Peter knew that he had to do things such as this in order to find the depth of the remedies.

The personal attitude has also led to a deep respect for these gems and Nature. Peter hasn't broken the gems in order to triturate them. His respect for the gems didn't allow him to do that. The gems were prepared by immersing them in water, and then potentising the water. One can wonder that this insightful respect has become part of the remedy pictures.

This book is an important extension of the homeopathic Materia Medica; it brings a deepening of our knowledge of remedies and is a personal engagement that makes homeopathy alive. It's a beautiful book. - Jan Scholten

  • Author: Peter Tumminello
  • ISBN: 9780975732502
  • 469 pages
  • Hardback
  • Published in 2010
  • Printed in Australia