Tutorials on Homoeopathy

by Donald Foubister

  • Tutorials on Homoeopathy

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This book offers the reader an insight into Dr Foubister's clinical experience, gained over a long career in homoeopathic practice. His writings are remarkable for the extent of his knowledge and his close attention to detail. Fortunately he was able to oversee the preparation of the manuscript before his death in 1988.

The contents reflect many of his particular strengths. The first section studies the factors that underlie the homoeopath's evaluation of the individual patient. This is followed by a section of several chapters on paediatrics, in which he excelled. There is then a comprehensive section on Carcinosin - his development of the Carcinosin remedy picture was his major contribution to homoeopathy and it gained him worldwide acclaim. He then discusses a number of other remedies in detail, with a final section on specific conditions. The book ends with an Appendix of therapeutic hints that had served him well.

'Dr Foubister has managed in masterly fashion to compress his immense knowledge of virtually the whole field of this fascinating discipline, encompassing his life experience in clinical research with special reference to his own particular expertise in paediatrics.' - Homoeopathy Today

  • Author: Donald Foubister
  • ISBN: 9780906584255
  • 197 pages
  • Paperback
  • Printed in United Kingdom