Three Trees: Survivors on Earth

by Marijke Creveld

  • Three Trees: Survivors on Earth

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This book contains dream provings of Diospyros kaki (The World Tree, survivor of the Nagasaki bomb), Pinus longaeva (The Methuselah Tree, 4700 year old Bristlecone Pine) and Welwitschia mirabilis ('Two-leaf-cannot-die' growing in the Namib desert near a uranium mine).

On August 9, 1945 the plutonium bomb was dropped on Nagasaki. This bomb caused the end of World War II. The city of Nagasaki was largely destroyed and a large percentage of the population was killed. Close to the impact site, a kaki tree (Diospyros kaki) survived. It proved to be able to survive this inferno despite the destructive effects of the plutonium bomb. After the bomb the vast shock wave of pressure, fire and the radioactive and poisonous plutonium had laid all of Nagasaki to waste. Death reigned around the tree. The survivors were faced with horrible illness, swollen scar tissue, internal haemorrhages, hair loss, Cancer (leukaemia, for example) and their offspring suffered of congenital defects.
The Nagasaki kaki-tree stands for the end of World War II, an end to destruction, domination, rape, dearth and running away. The tree stands for survival and a new hope.

The species, Diospyros kaki, possesses characteristics that may cure illnesses caused by radioactivity. This is shown by its use in Chinese herbal medicine. It promotes excretions. In case of leukaemia treatment the positive effects of the fruit tannins have been recently shown.

From the dream proving I carried out with the Diospyros kaki Creveld remedy, themes stand out that have to do with, e.g. surviving, lack of safety, danger, soldiers and rape. Death, fire, decrepit, broken-down houses, the symbols of serious illness, often occur in dreams. Mention is made of a house that's ill because of chemical substances, excretion of chemical substances, preventing evil from maintaining its hold, strange and misshapen creatures, love, white and black, cleansing and balance.

Positive results in people who suffered of complaints caused by radiotherapy and chemotherapy, poisons, fire and unsafety, have already been obtained. People suffering of war or disaster traumas are also be helped by using the Diospyros kaki Creveld remedy. Ten case studies are discussed in the book. Including repertory additions.

  • Author: Marijke Creveld
  • ISBN: 9789080839250
  • 290 pages
  • Paperback
  • Printed in The Netherlands