The Triad Method - Hilary Fairclough

  • The Triad Method - Hilary Fairclough
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The Triad Method is a book written for homeopaths, whatever their prescribing style, who are looking for a way to approach complex cases. When practicing in Botswana at the height of the HIV and AIDS crisis, Hilary Fairclough developed a way to prescribe homeopathically for the complex cases of pathology, trauma and drug toxicity she encountered there. In The Triad Method she tells her story of setting up the Maun Homeopathy Project clinics, describes her experience of treating people there and how she developed a way of prescribing that addresses the different layers of ill health and suffering she perceived. Using case examples, she explains the Triad Method and demonstrates how it can be applied in your homeopathic practice, wherever you are working.

"Inspirational and compelling ... Hilary Fairclough has developed a style of prescribing that recognises that homeopathy must mould itself to patients and their stories with all the layers of complexity that sickness, poverty, malnutrition and family tragedy might heap on them."
Colin Griffith, MCH RSHom, author of The New Materia Medica.

"This is a very human journey to find out what works best for the people who have put their trust in homeopathy. The Triad Method was birthed through necessity and intuition alongside real clients and in real situations."
Ellen Kramer, MCPH, MARH, Director of the College of Practical Homeopathy.

"Hilary Fairclough brilliantly constructs a Triad Method of homeopathic prescribing with sensitivity and intelligence which will no doubt inspire the open minded practitioner to explore and develop his or her own homeopathic instincts and understanding."
Jonathan Stallick, RSHom, author of AIDS: the Homeopathic Challenge.