The Toxic Relationship Cure

by Jerry M Kantor

  • The Toxic Relationship Cure
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Clearing traumatic damage from a boss, parent, lover or friend with natural, drug-free remedies

Using engaging client stories, The Toxic Relationship Cure reveals how little-known natural medicines can relieve mental, emotional and physical damage from toxic and unhealthy relationships.

The Toxic Relationship Cure is meant for victims of these toxic relationships as well as mental health professionals. Often frustrated by these clients’ stubbornly self-destructive behaviours, mental health clinicians will find new hope in these pages.

The toxic relationships include Boss, Parent, Lover, Friend, and the Spiritual Beyond (dysfunctional relationship with God, spirit or a deceased individual). Vivid stories based on actual cured cases render memorable portraits of each natural medicine type. The description of each medicine even includes physical symptoms it is likely to cure.

These natural medicines are widely used in Europe and have many advantages over conventional psychopharmacology medications:

  • They are non-addictive and non-toxic.
  • They have side benefits instead of side effects: clients report improvement in apparently-unrelated physical ailments as well as in overall energy and quality of sleep.
  • Their use is supported by research including a study by the Swiss government concluding that these medicines are as effective as conventional medicines yet less expensive.
  • The average cost is less than a penny per day.
  • Instead of “you’ll be on this drug for the rest of your life,” their effect tends to be curative within months.

The Toxic Relationship Cure is engaging to read and empowering to implement, with guidance for both clients and professionals.

  • Author: Jerry M Kantor
  • ISBN: 9780984678815
  • 155 pages
  • Paperback
  • Published in 2013
  • Printed in United States