The Synergy in Homoeopathy

by Rajan Sankaran

  • The Synergy in Homoeopathy
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An Integrated Approach to Case-Taking and Analysis

Traditional Classical Homoeopathy, with symptoms, rubrics, and keynotes, has stood the test of time. Introduction of newer, more contemporary ideas - of kingdom, levels, miasms and sensation - have brought Homoeopathy into a new paradigm. Never before has the connection between the patient and the remedy source been as clear.

These contemporary ideas have become very popular and have led to many successful cases. However, enamoured by success with this method, a whole new generation have started using it as a shortcut, and have sometimes neglected traditional knowledge. The profession became split, with conventional and contemporary homoeopathy sharply divided.

The originator of the Sensation Method, Dr Rajan Sankaran, has always maintained that symptoms and system are two sides of same coin and that success results from an integrated approach. It is like using both the left and right sides of the brain; both the factual and conceptual aspects of the patient and remedy have to be seen together. The knowledge and understanding found in old masters like C. M. Boger is now explained in detail in this book. Through illustrative cases, Rajan Sankaran demonstrates the secret of success with the integrated approach. Through a seamless blending of the old and new, the symptom and system, conventional and contemporary, the results are proof of a quantum leap in homoeopathic practice.

  • Author: Rajan Sankaran
  • ISBN: 9789380355849
  • 315 pages
  • Hardback
  • Printed in India (so could be of inferior quality)