The Source in Homeopathy: Cosmic Diversity and Individual Talent - Irene Schlingensiepen-Brysch

  • The Source in Homeopathy: Cosmic Diversity and Individual Talent - Irene Schlingensiepen-Brysch
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The information about every patient’s simillimum is already present in his or her subconscious mind. It can be revealed directly by the patient himself. A skilled homeopath can facilitate the patient’s access to his own deep inner knowledge. In years of meticulously documented case-taking, backed by systematic research and evaluation of follow-up outcomes, Irene Schlingensiepen has developed the basis of this groundbreaking, source-based approach. In her new title “The Source in Homeopathyâ€ she describes how to accompany the patient’s journey into his subconscious world and encourage him to express the specific source of his simillimum. A remedy, which might not even be known to the homeopath or currently found in any rubric. Such a source-based prescription will most likely produce amazingly deep healing results. The method is illustrated by the essence and cases of 25 remedies derived from a cosmic origin, like Sol, Helium, Positronium, Volcano and its precious stones, Brass or Meteorite, many of which in themselves are almost unknown terrain. An exciting venture into pristine territory. "I recommend this book to all homoeopaths, even if they are working with different methods. This way needs and enforces talent, intuition, feeling and other abilities. And, as we know from the literature as well as from Irene's own statements, there are many ways leading to Rome and the right remedy. But even if one followed a different methodical approach as a homoeopath, this book can release a very deep comprehension of the effects of the remedies, their essences and sources. This book helps to understand not only the remedies, but also the patients. It makes homoeopathy become fertile and alive." - Jan Scholten "Irene Schlingensiepen-Brysch follows the stream of her patients' words and gestures carefully, patiently and unswervingly, upstream towards their healing source. Her path is new in being so radical and is clearly and step by step illustrated for the reader by the author. The secret of her impressive successes seems to be: to create a space during the case taking for the inner knowledge of the patients and the “learned ignoranceâ€ of the therapist. Thus – embedded in profound knowledge of modern physics – new knowledge unfolds that is neither watered down by subjectivity, nor could it be reduced to mere objectivity, instead, it is enriched from the inexhaustible store of the unconscious – both individual and collective. A source of inspiration for us readers and exemplary for an integral homoeopathy on a high scientific level." - Uta Santos-König