The Science of Health and Healing

by Trevor Gunn

  • The Science of Health and Healing
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The principle of 'The Science of Health and Healing' embraces the fact that the human body possesses highly evolved systems designed to heal and keep you alive, and that many symptoms of illness are in fact intelligent reactions intended to protect the body when stressed beyond normal limits.

This book reveals the benefits of working with the intelligence of the body during illness, and contrasts that with the serious consequences of simply trying to stop symptoms with medication. 'The Science of Health and Healing' helps us to understand the reasons for the current explosion of serious and chronic disease that is affecting epidemic proportions of adults and young children all over the world.

Trevor Gunn is a graduate in medical biochemistry, UK registered and practising homeopath. With more than 25 years clinical experience, he has developed valuable insights into the processes of the body in disease and an understanding of how to successfully treat them providing insight that is both common sense and yet for many people ground breaking Whether we attain unbounded health & vitality or descend into serious & chronic disease, will be greatly influenced by the choices we make in our times of crisis. Many of us have been taught to 'believe' that things are going 'wrong' when they are in fact going 'right', to fight 'enemies' that are our 'friends' and to ignore issues that are vitally important in creating health. Lecturing all over the world and on national TV and radio Trevor is able to show us how we can become the experts in our own health, revealing a vastly different source of effective options in health-care, making our choices simpler and safer. Uniquely, this book will help holistic health professionals to understand how to incorporate the medical sciences into their practise and at the same time provides a bridge for those in orthodox medicine to understand the rationale and science of the holistic therapist.

  • Author: Trevor Gunn
  • ISBN: 9780992852207
  • 345 pages
  • Paperback
  • Published in 2015
  • Printed in United Kingdom