The Scars of Restriction: A Modern Proving of Carcinosin

by Peter Fraser, Emma Kamio, Teresa Geach

  • The Scars of Restriction: A Modern Proving of Carcinosin
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Yes - there is now an actual proving of Carcinosin! Also titled "The Scars of Restriction", the story of its conception and birth is both moving and uplifting - showing the steadfast courage of its melanoma-donor - mother of the two authors of the proving. Courage is notable as a feature of the proving too - as Peter Fraser, in his thoughtful overview, points out.

There are many similarities on the mental / emotional level between this Carcinosin and the clinical picture we already have; far fewer on the physical level - and this is especially noticeable in the food desires and aversions. Whilst not mentioned in Peter's overview - to me, the image of the rose is an arresting one. One prover's rose (one she didn't like but kept out of duty) toppled over immediately after she had bad-mouthed it to a friend (!) - and rose symbols appear in two separate dreams of other provers. The melanoma in question - (colour photograph of it on the inside cover - not for the squeamish) - resembles a red-petalled rose.

A lot of rich symbolism - for example, a central image "Of trees grown through barbed wire... Scars... marks of battles won", form associations in my mind with the rose and its themes of passion, love, courage, thorns, scars, blood and battles - themes embedded in this proving.

Annual periodicity also seems to be a feature - adding weight to the known Carcinosin's first degree appearance in the repertory under this rubric.

More reflection and insights into this most interesting remedy are needed and will no doubt be forthcoming as experience with its clinical usage grows over time.

Read it and gain your own insights!

The authors and provers are to be congratulated for undertaking what has been a fear-driven, no-go area in the arena of homoeopathic provings, and their contribution to this field shows perseverance, resilience and great courage.