The Prophylactic Use of Homeopathic Medicines

by Catherine Lemmon

  • The Prophylactic Use of Homeopathic Medicines
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Times are rapidly changing – and it has become quite evident that some things within homeopathy need to be remembered and recognized for what they have always been. Homeopathic medicines have been used prophylactically since the time of the founder of homeopathy himself, Dr Samuel Hahnemann – and it is time for this to be recognized once again for the safe and effective form of reducing susceptibility to disease that it has always been recognized as being.

“. . . the same rule that guides the homœopathist to the selection of a remedy, should also lead him to the discovery of a prophylactic. . .” – Dr RE Dudgeon, 1854

“. . . Homœopathic prophylaxis never causes anaphylaxis or shock, never results in secondary infection, never leaves in its wake serum or vaccine disease or any other severe reaction; it simply protects surely and gently. . . As the Law of Similars excels in the power to cure, it excels more forcibly and certainly in the art of disease prevention.” – Dr A H Grimmer, 1949

“. . . Dr Cathy May Lemmon’s contribution is both timely and useful. If people have doubts about the conceptual basis, the evidence base and/or the need for homoeoprophylaxis in the 21 Century then this book should help resolve those doubts. It is thoroughly researched and has a strong “academic” tone. But it also has a practical element and is not purely theoretical text. “It is a valuable addition to the relatively small but growing library about homoeoprophylaxis.” – Dr Isaac Golden

“. . . Dr Lemmon’s book provides valuable information and guidance both to practising homeopaths who have not yet considered offering homeoprophylaxis to their patients and for parents who are making health decisions for their children and themselves.

“This is a very timely book.” – Dr Jayne LM Donegan

“. . . there is essentially nothing more homeopathic than its prophylactic use.” – Dr Cathy May Lemmon

  • Author: Catherine Lemmon
  • ISBN: 9789076189864
  • 132 pages
  • Hardback
  • Published in 2024
  • Printed in Netherlands