The Prescriber

by John Henry Clarke

  • The Prescriber
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A concise clinical guide, acclaimed by physicians for over eight decades as the most practical guide for remedy selection. It helps any person with little knowledge of homeopathy to select the most likely remedy for a vast number of alphabetically arranged ailments. Emphasizes treatment and particulars rather than generalities, with specific advice on potency and dosage.

'A pocket sized clinical repertory that contains dosage suggestions. "Without a doubt this is the best book published for beginners in homeopathic prescribing...the next time you feel too fagged out to make a thorough study of the remedy for some puzzling case, you will have something you have longed for." The book was updated by Clarke in 1925- 40 years after its release. Now, 75 years later, it is still in print and in daily use. One of the best books concerning therapeutics. Its small size makes it an easier book to consult than Lilienthal's larger work. I have known many prescribers who were lead to the correct remedy by the differentials offered by Clarke.'

This commentary is reprinted from The Heritage of Homoeopathic Literature with permission of the author Julian Winston.

  • Author: John Henry Clarke
  • ISBN: 9788131902899
  • 346 pages
  • Hardback
  • Printed in India (so could be of inferior quality)