The Periodic Table in Homeopathy: The Silver Series

by Ulrich Welte

  • The Periodic Table in Homeopathy: The Silver Series
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The periodic table of elements was one of the most ingenious scientific discoveries of all time. To translate this natural order of elements into homeopathic thinking and language is one of the most fascinating pioneer works of present medicine. The homeopathic interpretation of the rows and columns of the periodic table is called the element theory.

The chemical interactions of elements are an analogy to the chemistry of human interactions. As the elements evolve from simple atoms like hydrogen to complex and heavy elements like lead, so do the human levels of experience evolve from childhood to teenage friendships and love affairs, adult working life with duty and discipline, ripe age and intellectual pursuits, power and politics, up to old age and decay. Each step can become a problem which finds its match in the corresponding element as a cure. Thus a whole “humane chemistry” becomes visible in the form of elements and their combinations as molecules.

Each level of life corresponds to a row or “series” in homeopathy. This book takes the special subject of the fifth row or the silver series as an example to explain the whole periodic table. The silver series stands for scientific pursuit, music and arts, as well as middle management in business life; it also corresponds to diseases of the nerves and mind. It evolves in a full cycle of 18 “stages”, which are the 18 columns of the periodic table. The position of each element as well as its corresponding problem is defined by a specific series and a specific stage.

The experienced homeopathic physician Ulrich Welte gives us a candid introduction to the subject in 64 vivid cases of patients treated successfully with the elements of the Silver series: remedies such as Strontium, Argentum, Stannum, Indium or Antimonium. On the basis of case histories of suffering people and their symptoms we learn how to use typical behavior patterns, trigger situations, professions and other characteristics to find individual remedies that go deep enough to cure even serious diseases. The Periodic Table has become alive!

“Ulrich Welte has expanded the Element Theory and brought it vividly to life in his own practice. The cases demonstrate his full understanding of the essences of the remedies and of the problems in differentiating them. The chapter on the differential diagnosis of the stages clearly shows his deep and intuitive grasp of the subject. I can recommend this book to every practising homeopath and to all those seeking a practical and nuanced introduction to the Element Theory.” - Jan Scholten

"Welte’s book on the Periodic Table may become the best work for study group members, students, and even homeopaths who have not yet delved into the Elements approach. I say this to all those who may pass over this book because they already have Scholten’s comprehensive work and don’t feel the need for another book on a single series. Fully a third of the book provides background information on the Periodic Table and the personality types of the Elements — in the most lucid, colorful, conversational style complete with examples from everyday life. As a result, the people of the Elements jump off the pages and practically shake hands with you." - Begabati Lennihan

"What we have here is a Scholten’s Element Theory for Dummies of sorts. Kidding aside, this is a book with gentle wisdom and wonderful cases that speak for themselves. The book is practical and can be applied in practice immediately. It is clear and concise yet not simple – it is packed with information that is invaluable." - Laura Coromai

  • Author: Ulrich Welte
  • ISBN: 9783941706330
  • 324 pages
  • Hardback
  • Printed in Germany