The People of the Materia Medica World

by Frederica E Gladwin

  • The People of the Materia Medica World

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This lovely book tells a whole range of stories of homeopathic 'people' and how they interact in a very entertaining and memorable way.

The People of the Materia Medica World by Frederica E. Gladwin (1856-1931). Pupil and main assistant to James Tyler Kent in the initial compilation of Kent’s Repertory, she was entrusted to the symptoms of “Thirst”. This is an interesting book which personifies our homeopathic remedies and weaves stories to understand them. Written in 1921 for Pierre Schmidt, her favourite pupil, this book was finally published 52 years later at the urging of Diwan Harish Chand.

Gladwin, an early pupil of Kent, presents 25 distinct remedies and many comparisons in a series of delightful stories which bring the remedy characteristics into a clear focus. Calcarea phos is discussed as being the child resulting from the marriage of Mr. Phosphorus and Miss Calcarea. There is a delightful chapter called “Afternoon at the Crocuses.” A very informal materia medica written by one of Kent’s pupils. Although there are many generalizations expressed through the array of characters, it makes delightful reading and can serve to fix the characteristics of the remedies in one's memory.

  • Author: Frederica E Gladwin
  • 164 pages
  • Paperback
  • Published in 1984
  • Printed in India (so could be of inferior quality)