The Other Song

by Rajan Sankaran

  • The Other Song

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What is it that makes each one us who we are ?

What is it that makes each of us feel, perceive, experience and act in our own unique manner?

What is the real cause of the stress in your life?

Renowned homoeopathic physician Dr Rajan Sankaran has been working on these questions in his practice for the last three decades and has made some startling discoveries.

He found that stress comes not from external reality but the specific way each of us perceives it. At the deepest level our experience is not of outer reality, but is a constant inner sensation.

This core sensation matches something from one of the three kingdoms in nature. It is as if a specific animal, plant, or mineral lives in each one of us and colours our whole experience of life. It is our constant companion, the other song that keeps singing within us, shapes our personality, determines our life patterns, and is the underlying factor behind our stress.

Dr Sankaran sets down the knowledge that decades of seeing patients have taught him about the inner other song within each of us in order to guide the reader to awareness of his own other song and find release from it.

  • Author: Rajan Sankaran
  • ISBN: 9788190337823
  • 408 pages
  • Paperback
  • Published in 2009
  • Printed in India