The No Nonsense Vaccine Handbook (2016)

by Liz Bevan-Jones, Yvonne Stone

  • The No Nonsense Vaccine Handbook (2016)
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This is the fifth edition of this very popular and useful publication, published in November 2016 and it includes new pages on Rotavirus, Meningitis B, Meningitis ACWY, HPV Gardasil, Vaccines in Pregnancy, Fluenz, Nasal Spray, Vitamin K, the Microbiome, Vaccine Shedding and more.

Yvonne Stone and Liz Bevan-Jones trained as homeopaths at the College of Homeopathy in London, qualifying in 1996. Both of them trained and have practised as State Registered Nurses. Before becoming interested in homeopathy, Yvonne worked as a certified midwife for 15 years; and Liz as a district nurse. They originally collected together the material in this handbook to inform a Vaccination and Childhood Disease Support Group for parents and families, which they set up in 1999. The information presented here is intended for the use of parents - to enable them to make informed vaccine and health choices for their children. You have Liz and Yvonne's permission to photocopy any of the material in this booklet and pass it on to friends, families or anyone else who might find it useful.