The No Nonsense Travel Vaccine Handbook

by Liz Bevan-Jones, Yvonne Stone

  • The No Nonsense Travel Vaccine Handbook

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A Practical Homeopathic Guide to Travellers - Second edition, March 2009.

The handbook provides practical no-nonsense information on the main diseases travellers may encounter; the recommended vaccines; their contents and side effects; general safety advice; and homeopathic alternatives known to be effective.

The aim is to give homeopaths, their clients and travellers abroad adequate information about the diseases and their vaccines in order that they can make an informed choice on how best to keep healthy.

The reason for choosing to produce an A4 publication is to make it easy for photocopies to be taken. Permission is given to copy individual pages to hand out to friends or clients. The A4 format allows for this to be done effectively.

References and website addresses are given where appropriate, along with a book list and contact telephone numbers for homeopathic suppliers.

Yvonne Stone and Liz Bevan-Jones trained as homeopaths at the College of Homeopathy in London, qualifying in 1996. Both of them trained and have practised as State Registered Nurses. Before becoming interested in homeopathy, Yvonne worked as a certified midwife for 15 years; and Liz as a district nurse.