The Journey of a Disease - Mohinder Singh Jus

  • The Journey of a Disease - Mohinder Singh Jus
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Suppresive therapy can induce a shift of symptoms. Suppression can complicate chronic diseases and set them on a dangerous journey through the system. This odyssee is what the author describes as 'the journey of a disease'. He exposes many mainstream medical practices as suppressive therapy of sumptoms. On the background of Hahnemann's theory of miasms, Mohinder Singh Jus paints vivid and detailed pictures of psoric, sycotic, syphilitic and tubercular forms of disease. The book follows Kent's work. Written in simple language, it has helped homeopaths and laypeople to understand classical homeopathy, which may cure chronic diseases and reverse suppression. The book has a fascination of its own. With 40.000 sold copies in Germany and Switzerland, it is one of the most successful homeopathic books in German language.