The Inner Child is Waiting for You!

by Torako Yui

  • The Inner Child is Waiting for You!

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The secret of liberating the Inner Child who has been bound to the concept of value

Torako Yui's Homoeopathic Life Series Volume 6

The definitive edition of inner child healing written by Torako-sensei!
You can't talk about inner children without reading this book! The secret of inner child healing lies in discovering the values ​​behind emotions. It is full of secrets to release the inner child trapped in the values ​​and regain the brilliance of your original life. A must-read for living a truly real reality.

  • Author: Torako Yui
  • ISBN: 9784863470804
  • 295 pages
  • Paperback
  • Published in 2013
  • Printed in Japan