The Infinitesimal Dose: The Scientific Roots of Homoeopathy

by Colin Lessell

  • The Infinitesimal Dose: The Scientific Roots of Homoeopathy

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For almost 200 years the acceptance of homoeopathy has been impeded by the failure of its followers to supply a reasonable explanation of the processes involved in both the preparation and the biological action of its medicines.

Dr Lessell, physician and author of many books on homoeopathy, brings to the reader, for the first time, a full and cohesive scientific basis for this important aspect of 21st Century medicine.

Drawing upon the partial insights gained by other authors, he develops his own unique theory, which follows the remedy from its inception in the pharmacy to its ultimate actions upon the physiology.

He also explains, in purely scientific terms, the desirability of serial dilution in the production of remedies: a matter which, though generally accepted as routine, has perplexed many as to its logic, and, in itself, has been the greatest stumbling-block to the wider recognition of homoeopathy.

Here, at last, is the clearest planation of the phenomenon of homoeopathy.

  • Author: Colin Lessell
  • ISBN: 9780852072769
  • 128 pages
  • Paperback
  • Published in 1994
  • Printed in United Kingdom