The Homoeopathic Proving of Plutonium Nitricum

by Jeremy Sherr

  • The Homoeopathic Proving of Plutonium Nitricum

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Disturbing but fascinating, this book will take you on a journey of discovery about nuclear radiation and highlight the themes for this remedy. Dedicated to the victims of radiation, this book catalogues the proving of Plutonium as performed by a group of Jeremy Sherr's students at the Dynamis School in 1994. It also contains case studies and a repertory of the toxicology of ionising radiation, together with a more general section on the toxicology of radiation.

Pluto, son of Uranus, (Chronos), was eaten by his own father before being spewed out from the darkness of his parent's belly. The God Pluto, worshipped by the Romans, rules in the depths - where the souls of the dead are trapped. This myth powerfully embodies a connection with deep and heavy ancestral roots. A central theme of Plutonium is a deep feeling of suffering originating from one's forefathers, like a punishment echoing down the generations. Hence its affinity with DNA, bone marrow, and very serious pathologies such as Cancers, Leukaemia, Radiation, AIDS, Thyroid problems and deep mental pathologies. Heaviness, fatigue and burdened responsibility show up in the Proving, alongside lightness and floating - confirming its up / down axis, and similarities with other remedies such as Helium and Hydrogen.

Plutonium is, of course, a remedy for our times - where nuclear arms proliferation runs amok alongside our toxic environment, made ever more so as nuclear reactors spew out their 24,000-plus years of indestructible waste into it.

This very thorough proving will give you an insight into the element, planet, mythology, astrology and themes of Plutonium. There is also a look at some successful cases - together with radioactive isotopes as a group and their effects on cellular tissue, and some not so well known factoids regarding the effects of radiation from Chernobyl.

A fascinating Must-Read of enormous relevance to today's patients.

The printed copy is no longer available. It can be purchased electronically here: http://dynamis.ed/provings/

  • Author: Jeremy Sherr
  • ISBN: 978-1901147032
  • 303 pages
  • Paperback
  • Published in 1999
  • Printed in United Kingdom