The Homeopathic Treatment of Influenza

by Sandra Perko

  • The Homeopathic Treatment of Influenza
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Concerned virologists have been expecting the appearance of a virulent Influenza strain that may well rival the great 1918-1919 Spanish Flu epidemic which swept the globe in only a matter of months and left between 20 to 50 million people dead in one of the most horrific medical crisis to ever strike the earth. Since that dreadful pandemic, scientists at the Center for Disease Control, in cooperation with the World Health Organization and the Defence Department have been carefully monitoring both SARS and influenza in anticipation of mutated disease strain s which would be capable of causing a world-wide epidemic equal to, or worse than, the infamous 1918 Spanish Flu.

The world barely missed just such a dreadful pandemic in 1997 when six people in Hong Kong died from a strain of deadly influenza which had somehow passed directly from chickens to humans; a situation thought impossible up to that time. The immediate destruction of millions of chickens prevented what virologists feared could have developed into a frightening world-wide influenza pandemic in the event that a single person happened to contract both the bird flu and a human strain of flu at the same time. Should this occur, the disease might then mutate into a new influenza epidemic strain to which humans have no natural immunity. In the face of such a threat, what can be done?

Since 1997 scientists have worked diligently to develop a vaccine for the so-called Bird Flu. However, since the bird flu has again appeared throughout Asia, the World Health Organization reports that the search for a vaccine has been set back because the virus has mutated. The viral strain detected in Hong Kong in 1997 no longer can be used as the key to producing a vaccine. If modern medical technology has no answers, does homeopathy have a proven successful historical record of dealing with such a world-wide emergency? Indeed it does! Read how homeopathic doctors and hospitals the world over were able to successfully treat the deadly 1918 Spanish Flu when no other treatment was effective. There is absolutely no reason to doubt that it can be so again.


  • The most comprehensive homeopathic book available dealing with the treatment of influenza, pneumonia, other complications of influenza, the treatment of the common cold and all respiratory infections.
  • A 98 page Quick Keynote Reference which will help speed the process of finding the indicated remedy in the shortest possible time by determining the most predominant system-symptoms in each case.
  • Plus a 112 page detailed discussion of 68 homeopathic remedies - from Aconite to Veratrum album - which have been historically used in the treatment of influenza, common colds and bronchial infections.
  • A fascinating 113 page account of the most destructive influenza pandemic in history and how homeopaths, in city after city, and country after country were able to use this gentle, yet powerful medicine so effectively.
  • Author: Sandra Perko
  • ISBN: 9780965318723
  • 456 pages
  • Paperback
  • Published in 2005
  • Printed in United States