The Homeopathic Physician's Guide To Lactation

by Patricia Hatherly

  • The Homeopathic Physician's Guide To Lactation

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Patricia Hatherly, who enjoys the unique perspective of being a Homoeopath as well as a Lactation Consultant, has worked extensively with mothers and babies for 30 years. During this time she has amassed a wealth of clinical experience in dealing with all manner of clinical issues relating to breasts and lactation. It is her desire, in the writing of this book, to share some of this knowledge with her colleagues and she attempts to bring some up-to-date perspectives to a subject which, in homoeopathic literature, tends to be perceived from an archaic and, occasionally, a somewhat erroneous perspective. In 2002 Patricia supervised the proving of Lac Maternum. Her clinical experience in lactation and birth as well as her extensive work with Lac Humanum gives her the ability to differentiate between these two remedies made from human milk, the appropriate milk for Homo Sapiens. She gives insight into how these two very important sarcodes complement one another and how they serve to assist all humans to maximise their potential.

  • Author: Patricia Hatherly
  • ISBN: 9780975203200
  • 278 pages
  • Paperback
  • Published in 2004
  • Printed in Australia