The Homeopathic Miasms: A Modern View

by Ian Watson

  • The Homeopathic Miasms: A Modern View
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The main body of this work grew out of a gradual realization that the miasm theory developed by Hahnemann contained a built-in limitation. It was a long time before Ian was able to articulate what he considered the nature of this limitation to be, although he was well aware of its effects, namely to encourage homeopaths to think and to act allopathically.

It became apparent to Ian that when homeopaths refer to some invisible entity which is transmitted from one person to another, infecting them and causing sickness, they have adopted an allopathic attitude. Similarly, when homeopaths prescribe remedies with the intention of carrying out 'anti-miasmatic' treatment, that is really no different to the intention behind the prescription of antibiotics. Ian does not believe that this approach is wrong, or even unhelpful, but it does have its limitations.

Having acknowledged that this is the case, Ian decided to attempt to develop a new way of looking at the chronic miasms which included positive as well as negative traits, and to view them as transformative influences that could be understood, learned from and integrated, rather than as disease-producing forces that needed to be subdued or eradicated.

As the book took shape, Ian decided to include some information on the nosodes and major remedies associated with each miasm, to prevent it from becoming too abstract and to demonstrate its practical value as an aid to both learning and prescribing. I have expanded this part of the book to include some suggestions on the use of flower essences for the issues that I have come to associate with each of the major miasms.

  • Author: Ian Watson
  • ISBN: 9780951765784
  • 118 pages
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