The Handbook of Homoeopathy

by Gerhard Koehler

  • The Handbook of Homoeopathy

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A clear, well structured and concise introduction to the subject of homoeopathy based on the lectures given by the author to medical students at Freiburg University in Germany.

Deals with the position of homoeopathy within medicine as a whole, with the evaluation of symptoms (case taking) with the short and long routes to finding the remedy and with the use of repertories, including descriptions of the major book repertories and punch-card and computer repertories.

The choice of potency and dosages is covered in detail, and there are sections on drug reactions and Hering's Law, disease types (local, skin, mental, psychosomatic, neuroses), Hahnemann's Chronic Diseases and a full description and discussion of Hahnemann's Organon.

The extensive Bibliography covers much of the German and English literature as well as some major French works.

  • Author: Gerhard Koehler
  • ISBN: 9780722509920
  • 240 pages
  • Paperback
  • Published in 1986
  • Printed in United Kingdom