The Encyclopedia of Bach Flower Therapy

by Mechthild Scheffer

  • The Encyclopedia of Bach Flower Therapy

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Mechthild Scheffer's ground breaking bestseller Bach Flower Therapy: Theory and Practice revolutionized the science of Bach flower remedies, detailing the healing properties of each individual flower. Now, for practitioner, student, and patient alike, she offers The Encyclopedia of Bach Flower Therapy, the most comprehensive and up-to-date reference available on this gentle, effective therapy. The first practitioner to recognize the psychological underpinnings of the Bach flower remedies, Scheffer demonstrates that emotional and physical well-being are inextricably linked and shows how flower therapies can be a powerful tool for healing individual symptoms and restoring balance to one's life.

The author provides a therapeutic profile for each remedy and specific instructions for preparing combination remedies to heal more complex conditions. Thorough diagnostic guidelines, interview questions, progress evaluations, and body maps guide both the practitioner and novice to the proper remedies for innumerable emotional and physical ailments. The author also gives advice for using Bach flower remedies in paediatrics and veterinary medicine.

With more than 120 colour photographs, The Encyclopedia of Bach Flower Therapy is the complete reference for everyone who studies and practices this therapy.

  • Author: Mechthild Scheffer
  • ISBN: 9780892819416
  • 352 pages, 190 color photographs and 48 b&w illustrations pages
  • Paperback
  • Published in 2001
  • Printed in United States