The Emotional Roots of Chronic Illness: Homeopathy for Existential Stress

by Jerry M Kantor

  • The Emotional Roots of Chronic Illness: Homeopathy for Existential Stress
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How to change the subconscious patterns underlying chronic conditions. In addition to working well for purely physical ailments, homeopathy offers remedies for engaging directly with the subconscious mind and ameliorating embedded, existential causes of chronic illness-called "miasms" in classical homeopathy. Presenting diagnostic insight, specific homeopathic remedies, and successful case study examples about the profound connections between emotions and their physical manifestations in illness, Jerry M.

Kantor correlates the five classical miasms and their core existential quandaries with the Five Elements and Phase Theory of Chinese Medicine. He likens inborn foundational emotions to tools, each one designed to solve a stress-related problem. Self-sabotaging imbalances-energetic and physical-can occur when an emotional tool is excessively used, such as when a once-familiar stress is no longer present, or underused, as when a stressful input is inadequately managed.

He explains how identifying a default emotional response-such as anxiety or anger-along with its accompanying physical symptoms can determine the core existential stress or heredity pattern underlying a chronic condition. For each of the five classical miasms and their associated physical and emotional conditions, the author presents homeopathic remedies that mollify the impact of specific existential quandaries and explains their indications through detailed examples from his practice. Revealing that the subconscious mind is amenable to change, Kantor shows how to accurately select remedies to defuse the energetic charge of unresolved existential stress and thus quell the root causes of chronic illness.

  • Author: Jerry M Kantor
  • ISBN: 9781644117842
  • 224 pages
  • Paperback
  • Published in 2023
  • Printed in United States