The Comprehensive Repertory of New Homoeopathic Remedies

by Colin Griffith

  • The Comprehensive Repertory of New Homoeopathic Remedies
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An encyclopaedic lexicon of new homoeopathic remedies based on the symptoms that they cover; this is an essential reference book for users of The New Materia Medica Parts 1 and 2 by Colin Griffith.

After nearly a quarter of a century's proof and research into new homoeopathic medicines, the dozens of new remedies that have been developed by the meditation circle of Janice Micallef RSHom, are now presented as a desktop reference guide for any homoeopath with an interest in expanding the horizons of their art.

Colin Griffith, a member of the homeopathic 'proving circle' since its earliest days, has laid out the book in a user-friendly manner to facilitate an easy search for the most appropriate remedy for both familiar and unfamiliar rubrics of symptoms. The accompanying lists of comparable 'old' remedies ensure that practitioners will not be tempted to view the new remedies as exclusively remedial in cases that may seem to call for something unusual.

There are explanatory essays on how to use the repertory, on the association of remedies with the seven chakras and the seven major miasms, and a glossary of remedy names in both English and Latin to conform to universal usage. Each new remedy is also given a characteristic essential 'thumb nail' sketch to act as an additional guide.

  • Key reference volume to facilitate the use of meditative remedies that appear in the two volumes of The New Materia Medica by Colin Griffith
  • The book is a series of chapters on every part of the body and psyche, and contains alphabetical lists of symptoms with the remedies that cover them
  • Each rubric of the repertory also has a list of familiar remedies with which homoeopaths can compare old and new
  • There is an emphasis on integrating the new medicines into the familiar canon so that practitioners can view the latest remedies with confidence and use them with integrity

About the author: Colin Griffith has been in homoeopathic practice for 25 years. He is a founding member of the longstanding proving circle started by Janice Micallef in 1990 among whose members was the late Martin Miles who contributed so much to the life of new remedies and new ways of prescribing. Colin has taught homoeopathy for almost as long as he has practised it and has lectured in America, Canada, Japan, Greece, Spain, Ireland and the UK.

  • Author: Colin Griffith
  • ISBN: 9781780287997
  • 376 pages
  • Hardback
  • Published in 2015
  • Printed in United Kingdom